Feeling stressed or just need a fun, creative outlet? DIY Pop Its are your go-to solution! These homemade stress relievers not only offer endless fun but also unleash your inner crafter. With just a few simple supplies, you can make your very own fidget toy. This article guides you through the easiest ways to create your personalized Pop It, turning a bland afternoon into a crafting adventure.

To make a DIY Pop It, gather colorful paper, scissors, and glue. Cut the paper into squares, fold them into bubbles, then glue these bubbles together to form your Pop It. How to Make a DIY Pop It Select your method: paper for simplicity, foam for texture, or recycled packaging for eco-friendliness. Gather materials, follow the instructions, and assemble your personalized Pop It for instant stress relief.

Making a DIY Pop It

Struggling with endless scrolling for the perfect stress buster? Dive into the world of DIY and craft your very own Pop It! This guide unleashes your creative power, offering a step-by-step journey to create these satisfying fidget toys. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to endless popping fun!

Paper Pop It

Crafting a Pop It from paper not only feeds your creative soul but also puts those leftover paper stacks to good use. This method is as budget-friendly as it gets, requiring just paper, glue, and scissors. Dive into the world of origami and shape your stress away, one pop at a time. diy pop it The satisfaction of seeing your creation come to life is unmatched, offering not just a toy, but a testament to your craftsmanship.

Pop It with Foam

Foam brings a delightful texture that enhances the popping experience. This version leans a bit more on the crafty side, asking for a marble or small ball, foam sheets, and a dash of patience. The process involves heating, molding, and assembling the foam to create that perfect pop. It’s a tactile pleasure that goes beyond the simple joy of popping, providing a unique feel that’s hard to find in store-bought alternatives.

Pop It From Plastic Chewing Gum or Medicine Packaging

For those who champion sustainability, turning plastic packaging into a Pop It is a brilliant way to repurpose everyday items. This method not only gives you a quirky, crinkly sound with each pop but also contributes to reducing waste. With some cardboard, glue, and a splash of paint, transform what would be trash into a treasure. It’s a craft that marries creativity with eco-consciousness, proving that fun and responsibility can go hand in hand.

Each method of creating a DIY Pop It offers a different journey and outcome, appealing to various tastes and skill levels. Whether you’re a paper folding pro, a foam shaping enthusiast, or an eco-warrior, there’s a Pop It making process for you. Dive into these DIY adventures and find your favorite way to pop the stress away.

Creative Pop It Variations and Decorations

Let’s dive into how you can elevate your DIY Pop It game with creative twists and decorations. This segment will explore innovative ideas that not only cater to the fun of popping!

Kinetic Sand Pop It

Dive into a sensory adventure with a Kinetic Sand Pop It. This version isn’t just a fidget toy but a sensory experience that delights with its texture and colors. Using kinetic sand, a square cookie cutter, and a half-circle mold, you can create Pop Its that are visually stunning and fun to squish. It’s perfect for those seeking a tactile experience or for parents looking to engage their children in a playful, sensory activity. Mix and match colors for a vibrant collection or keep it monochrome for a minimalist aesthetic. Either way, it’s an engaging DIY project that merges the joy of Pop Its with the soothing properties of kinetic sand.

Additional Pop It Ideas

The world of DIY Pop Its is vast and varied, offering something for everyone. Here are a few more ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Dress-Up Costume: Turn your Pop It obsession into a wearable art piece. Whether it’s a hat, a bag, or an entire outfit, Pop Its can add a playful twist to any attire.
  • Super Simple Pop It: Utilize basic materials like paper and tape to craft a Pop It in minutes. This method is ideal for those looking for a quick and easy project.
  • DIY Phone Case: Combine functionality with fun by creating a Pop It phone case. Tailor it to fit your device perfectly and choose colors that reflect your style.
  • Lego Pop It: For the builders and tinkerers, a Lego Pop It offers a unique challenge. Design and assemble a working Pop It from your Lego collection.
  • Fidget Spinner Pop It: Merge two popular fidget toys into one with a Fidget Spinner Pop It. It’s a fun twist on the traditional Pop It, offering double the distraction.

These ideas showcase the versatility of Pop It toys, allowing for endless possibilities in design and function. Whether you’re crafting for fun, for stress relief, or for sensory play, there’s a Pop It project waiting for you.


The journey of creating your own DIY Pop It is filled with opportunities for creativity, learning, and play. From simple paper designs to intricate kinetic sand creations, each method offers a unique way to engage with this popular toy. By exploring various materials and techniques, you not only craft a toy but also ignite your imagination and perhaps discover a new hobby. So, grab your materials, embrace the DIY spirit, and pop into a world of endless possibilities. Remember, the true joy of a Pop It lies not just in the popping but in the process of creation itself.


What materials do I need for a DIY Pop It?

For a simple DIY Pop It, gather materials like silicone, a pop it mold, and vibrant colors. Crafting your pop it toy enhances creativity and provides a hands-on stress-relieving activity.

How can I make my DIY Pop It more durable?

Use high-quality silicone or thick crafting foam for longevity. Sealing edges with a strong adhesive ensures your DIY stress toy withstands endless popping.

Can I customize my DIY Pop It toy?

Absolutely! Customize your sensory toy with different colors, shapes, or embed small items inside the silicone for a personal touch. Creativity knows no bounds in DIY crafts.

Are DIY Pop Its safe for all ages?

When using non-toxic materials and ensuring all parts are securely attached, your homemade pop it fidget toy is safe for kids and adults alike, offering fun and stress relief.

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